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Are you on the most up-to-date latakoo Flight apps? Check below to see the latest version, new features and bug fixes for each app.

latakoo Flight for Desktop


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New features available in the latakoo Flight 6.6 series:

• Implemented more efficient upload method for all upload scenarios.

• Removed support for TCP/UDP choice in app.

• Improved accuracy, duration and visibility of upload speed test.

• Streamlined login process using

• Native Single Sign-On (SSO) support for participating organizations.

• Improved recovery from network drops.

• Fixed hanging video settings window.

•  New Windows Installer MSI package for managed and unattended installation.

• Greatly decreased Windows installation package size.

• Increased security by upgrading or removing several aging or deprecated components.

• Improved logging output and configuration.

• Several UI cleanups and UX improvements.

Additions and Improvements available in latakoo Flight 6.6.0:

• Fixed “ghost” video settings window that would stay on top of all other windows even after focusing on a different application or minimizing Flight.

• Replaced vague “0 Mbps” speed with more obvious “Offline.”

• Return to last tested speed when a lost connection is restored.

• Changed drop cursor from “+” to the default “In Progress” cursor after dropping a file into the queue and waiting for it to load.

• Removed unnecessary authorization check that caused app to freeze on every video drop.

• Visual response when the speedtest is re-clicked for a new test.

latakoo Flight for iOS


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New features:

• Single Sign-On (SSO) login.

• Resolves issue with some thumbnails not displaying.

Bug Fixes & Improvements:

• Some users experienced spinning wheel while streaming Pilot content.

• Mitigated battery drain when app is running in background.

• Cinematic video unable to be used in share extensions.

• Prevented crash on library and share extension.

• Resolved UI issue.

latakoo Flight for Android


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New features:

• Single Sign-On (SSO) login.

• latakoo Connect.

• Implemented new analytics capabilities to provide usage data and improve support.

• Change in Media selection workflow.

Bug fixes & Improvements:

• Resolved inaccurate date/time displayed in comments.

• Fixed Search function in the Pilot feed.

• Fixed file sharing functionality.

• Resolved crashes on some functions/devices.