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Senior Vice President of Sales

One Rocketship Ticket. Forget Bezos and Branson, the latakoo team has a Rocketship ticket available for an Ace pilot. If you are ready to see some stars up close, we invite you to apply to become latakoo’s Senior Vice President of Sales.

We are looking to hire an individual who is the definition of a sales leader. We’re not looking for a coach, a manager or mentor, although having those skills is a nice collateral benefit, we are specifically looking for the most competitive, the most assertive, the most driven sales dynamo we can find.

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If you are personally driven to be the individual top performer not only within your own company, but when compared to the top sales leaders at other organizations, we want to meet you. And while resumes are nice, we are looking for the person whose biggest sales stats are yet to be realized. Your biggest career wins are in front of you. We are searching for the spark of greatness and a passion for excellence. You’ll fit in perfectly at latakoo if you’re the kind of person who leads by example, runs point at the tip of the spear, sets a fast pace and raises the bar for others to try to reach.

That’s the way Jade Kurian and I play this game, and if you have the same philosophy, you will thrive at latakoo. Here’s a little bit about us. Jade and I come from the broadcast world. We cofounded latakoo a decade ago with the mission of providing easy-to-access-and-use bleeding edge technology for content creators. Today, latakoo provides an end-to-end cloud-based video workflow for some of the world’s largest media companies.

The International Trade Association of Broadcast & Media Technology (IABM) represents almost every vendor in this global market, yet selected latakoo as its Company of the Year in 2020. The IABM also shortlisted Jade Kurian for Technology Leader of the year in 2020, and in July 2021, elected Jade to the international organization’s Board of Directors. TV Newscheck honored Jade as a futurist in its 2020 Women in Technology awards.

On the financial front, latakoo’s business model is Software-as-a-Service. Our Net Revenue Retention clocked in at an astounding 158% in 2020. latakoo’s mission critical workflow is loved by its current customer base. We are hoping that you will help us expand that base.

latakoo goes out of its way to recruit and hire a diverse and talented team. We believe that both we and our customers do better when our team looks like the world. Our staff is filled with a rich mix of ethnicities, languages, geographies, ages, and genders. Together, we brainstorm and collaborate as we build and support the tools that people use to create content.

Please let Jade, me, or our recruiter Mike Denny ( know if you desire to become a valued leader on team latakoo.

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