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Senior Backend Web Developer

latakoo is seeking a senior-level engineer to build, deploy, and maintain serverless compute systems using AWS Lambda with code implemented in the engineer’s choice of Python or Node.js. The candidate will work with latakoo’s Chief Web Officer to build, deploy, and maintain its cloud media platform and enterprise asset delivery systems. The ideal candidate would be able to apply their skill from architecting and deploying cloud infrastructure components to administrating databases and related systems.

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What you will own and do:

  • Work with the Chief Web Officer to interface new and optimized cloud components
  • Provide back-end support to a team including a DB specialist, front-end developer, and cloud architect
  • Integrate third-party services into latakoo’s product offering at optimal cost.
  • Support latakoo products and interface with latakoo customers, as needed
  • QA code of multiple other developers
  • Survey latest technologies for comparison and or integration into latakoo products


The ideal candidate has:

  • An ability to quickly engineer speedy and robust solutions
  • A drive to integrate various sub-systems and push them into production
  • Strong social, communication, and presentation skills
  • Expert ability to address components of latakoo’s technical stack, including::
    • Serverless Computing using AWS Lambda
    • JS or PYTHON for AWS Lambda
    • DOCKER Containers for AWS Lambda
  • Familiarity with other technologies, including but not limited to:
    • Laravel
    • React Native
    • MYSQL
    • PHP

Why latakoo is the right choice for you:

  • Work in a small team environment
  • Opportunity: Spend the majority of time working from home
  • Open access and regular communication with an enterprising and talented leadership team
  • Opportunity over time to grow your role into a leadership position
  • latakoo values a culture of respect. Your feedback and opinions matter and will be heard
  • Your individual contributions will be noted, appreciated, and rewarded
  • Thousands of influential media creaters and some of the world’s largest media companies will use the tools you create on a daily basis

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