Learn How to Edit on the latakoo Cloud Editor

Step by step with Broadcast Specialist Luke Hanrahan

1. Importing Files

42 Seconds

1. Log in to Pilot and locate the files you want to edit

2. Click and drag clips into your EDIT BIN network which is located on the left side of the window

OR select all clips you want to edit, select EDIT from the dropdown, and click GO

3. On the top main navigation menu, click EDIT to launch the latakoo Cloud Editor

4. The Cloud Editor will launch and will prompt you to create a new project or open an existing project

5. If you select NEW, give your project a name and click CREATE

6. You will now see all of your media and your project timeline

2. Building Timeline

58 Seconds

1. To build a timeline, locate your media and drag it on your timeline

Your video is located under the tab VIDEOS and audio is under the tab AUDIOS

2. Select your media and drop it on your timeline

3. To make cuts, use the SPLICE TOOL for rough cuts

OR double click the thumbnail and use the FINE CUT TOOL

4. Select in and out points

5. Press the MAGNET to be as precise as possible

6. Finally, drag the edited clip to your timeline

3. Editing

73 seconds

Once you’ve pulled through cuts and filled the timeline, you can fine tune your edits

1. Click SPLICE TOOL with the F next to it

2. Select the clip you would like to trim

3. Set new in and out points

4. Use MAGNET TOOL to select

5. Press CUT to apply to the timeline

6. Hit TRANSFORM to zoom in and out or rotate your clips


To adjust audio levels on individual clips, follow the steps below:

1. Click on the gear icon on top of the clip on the timeline (at top left corner) and select VOLUME

2. Choose the desired level from the dropdown menu

3. To MUTE an audio track, click on the EYE icon on the track

4. Adjusting Audio

56 Seconds

1. Click the gear icon on top of any clip and select VOLUME

You can raise and lower sound on individual clips or the entire track


Use the WAVE FORMS option to refine sound on individual clips

1. To extract audio, click on the gear icon on any clip and click EXTRACT AUDIO TRACK TO SOUNDTRACK

This pulls audio out of the master clip so you can see the waveform; here you can BLEND AUDIO BY FADING

You may also CHANGE THE CHANNEL; the editor operates with “hit edit soundtrack” or one track. Using this feature allows you to create separate audio channels for natural sound, interviews, voice track, etc… Waveforms allow you to isolate a specific audio channel to edit

5. Export Project

40 Seconds

1. Once your timeline is completed and you’re ready to export your file, click on EXPORT

2. Name your project and press EXPORT

You may also return to your edit to refine or send a second version

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