Fastest File Transfer
Simple User Interface 
Simultaneous Compression-Upload

The latakoo Flight app is the fastest and easiest way to upload virtually any type of content: videos, photos, and audio, regardless of bandwidth. With drag and drop functionality, the app uses our patented technology to simultaneously compress and upload video files. The Flight app gives users choices on how files are uploaded. Settings within the app allow you to decide how much to compress a video and give you the opportunity to remove latency from the transfer. You can drop entire folders of content into the app for uploading or choose to stitch many video files together to create one file in the cloud or group individual files together in one folder. The app is available for Windows, Mac, and iOS devices. 

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Access Files From Anywhere
Collaborate and Share 
Download and Transcode

latakoo Pilot is our secure cloud content center accessible from anywhere on any browser. From Pilot, share, collaborate, download, and transcode. Files uploaded to Pilot trigger intelligent notifications. These emails can be customized to alert individuals or groups. From latakoo Pilot, you can also order transcriptions. Transcripts are matched with the video timecode, making it faster than ever to find that quote you need. Worried about rights and privacy? Each user has customized access controls, driven by their role and your needs. Pilot connects to a user management system that allows administrators to set permissions quickly and easily.

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Download and Upload Automation
Metadata and Transcription Ingest
Seamless with Major Asset Managers

latakoo HUB introduces full automation to your video workflow. Your files move quickly from the shoot location to your asset manager, automatically, even when your asset manager sits in the most secure corporate environments. All files and even proxies can be delivered in the desired codec and wrapper right into the asset manager. File metadata and transcription are also updated, if available. latakoo HUB is fully integrated with Avid Interplay, Grass Valley Stratus and Dalet Galaxy. It can also support custom network workflows that do not involve an asset manager.

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