Avid Partner

latakoo is an Avid Alliance Partner.

You can purchase the latakoo video workflow from any Avid direct sales representative or Avid reseller in 140 countries.  Use latakoo to transfer video from anywhere in the world over the public Internet and latakoo will automatically deliver the video right into your Avid system along with metadata and transcription even on the most secure corporate network.

Avid Certified

latakoo is an Avid Platform Certified Solution that has undergone rigorous testing by Avid engineers and meets Avid's strict integration quality standards.

Customers use latakoo to transfer video into and out of Avid systems. Read more.


cielo24 and latakoo partnered to provide on-demand or automatic transcription on a time-code for any video uploaded to or that is accessible via your latakoo-integrated on-premise asset manager. Logging interviews and providing closed captioning are now just a click away for latakoo clients. Learn more.


latakoo and LiveU partnered to enable video files acquired using LiveU uplink units to transfer directly into a file-based broadcast workflow. Learn more.


University of Texas San Antonio

latakoo is a member of the New Venture Incubator at the University of Texas at San Antonio. The University and latakoo are working together to co-develop the future of fast and secure file delivery. To that end, latakoo has sponsored research, licensed technology, and funded patents at UTSA. The University is also where latakoo met and began working with its Lead Scientist, Dr. Richard Metzler, PhD.  Learn more.


latakoo is a graduate from the Microsoft Bizspark program and has been awarded a Microsoft Azure sponsorship. We leverage Azure servers around the world to provide our clients with the most reliable infrastructures. 


latakoo and Telna have teamed up to provide customers the best connectivity with the best file transfer solution. Data throttling and gaps in service are common complaints from broadcast customers who are trying to send files on deadline. With Telna, you get reliable, unthrottled, high-bandwidth and multi-carrier global connectivity anywhere in the world.

Venn Telecom

Venn Telecom provides robust bonded-cellular hardware that fits onto a professional camera or can be carried in a rugged case. latakoo partnered with Venn Telecom to provide bonded cellular Peplink hardware to clients with redundant and secure WAN access that fully integrates with latakoo transfer technology.



The latakoo technology team worked hand-in-hand with Dalet engineers to ensure full compatibility with Dalet's Galaxy Media Asset Management Platform. That means Dalet customers can use latakoo to send video from the field directly into their Media Asset Manager. The workflow can be designed for video files to go right into a show rundown.


latakoo worked closely with Grass Valley engineers on an integration into  GV's Stratus Content Management System that provides a seamless video workflow from the public Internet to secure private environments where latakoo can automatically insert video, metadata and timecoded transcription into the CMS. Transcription workflows from Stratus to latakoo can be enabled to easily add transcription to existing content stored in GV's K2 Media Servers.



latakoo has developed an integration with bitcentral that allows files sent with latakoo to automatically populate the Oasis system. Files are available for anyone in the newsroom with access to the system via an Internet browser. Video can just as easily be exported from the Oasis asset manager to latakoo.


Panasonic provided latakoo with its suite of AVC-ULTRA codecs, including its new AVCLongG line of video codecs. This ensures that latakoo will support Panasonic video from end-to-end.