The Flight Academy Class #1

Cloud Editing: Shooting for Efficiency with Dan Robins

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Award-winning photographer and editor Dan Robbins shows us how to prepare and shoot video to make the best use of the cloud editor.

Class Segments

Setting Up Audio

7 minutes

Shooting Efficiently

3 minutes

Editing with Speed and Simplicity

11 minutes

Flight Academy Class #3: A Veteran Mobile Journalist’s Go-To Gear

While packing for his next big assignment, European Freelance News Correspondent Jack Parrock gives us a quick show-and-tell of the tripod, microphones, top light and steady rig he uses to gather the daily stories he uploads to latakoo. Parrock’s go-to gear is centered around his fast-paced iPhone workflow.

Flight Academy Class #2: Mobile Content Creation

Join us to learn how to use the smartphone you already own to easily record and edit professional videos. In this Flight Academy event, we’re sharing all you need to know to create video content with confidence right from your mobile device.

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