From Birth to Broadcast.

latakoo Manifest helps teams discover, follow and request stories – from any location right to your asset manager. Instead of shooting the same stories in different markets, leverage a single story across your entire organization. Manifest ensures that files are delivered to multiple locations simultaneously.

Intelligent. Flexible. Fast.

Manifest helps large, diverse organizations collaborate more efficiently.

News Feed

Manifest allows broadcast and productions companies to assign, share and follow stories as they develop. News feeds can be created by topic, location or category.


Manifest makes it easy to locate and track the top stories in markets all over the country – or from crews stationed around the globe. Once a story is requested, it will be automatically delivered to that workflow as soon as the file is available.


Manifest integrates with other newsroom systems you’re already using, like AP ENPS. Information related to that assignment is automatically updated across systems.


With latakoo Manifest, you’ll know exactly when the assigned story is dispatched to the crew, when the finished story arrives, and with latakoo automation, when the file is automatically delivered to your newsroom systems. Notifications help you stay in the know.

Everything and Everyone Happening in One Place.

Together with the latakoo platform, its mobile applications, and synced newsroom computer systems, Manifest promotes discovery of assignments early in the day. Once discovered, producers can follow a story, receive updates and request automatic delivery of the content as it is generated.


1. Quickly create and update assignments
2. Easily locate media
3. Discover stories from different markets
4. Follow stories as they develop
5. Request delivery of media as it is created
6. Upload or download media from any device
7. Update team members on story progress
8. Send media directly into your asset management system
9. Collect and update assignments in ENPS

Instead of shooting the same stories in different markets, share a single story across your entire organization.