The Future of Television: Cloud Production and Systems Increasingly Based on Artificial Intelligence

Euronews Romania presented its technical solutions at NAB 2023, one of the biggest events in the television and broadcasting industry.


Euronews Romania is the first television station in Romania that uses mobile journalism kits – MoJo – for making live broadcasts and filming reports. Adrian Vintilă, Head of Broadcast IT of Euronews Romania, presented the implementation of technical solutions in the daily production flow, in Las Vegas, at NAB 2023, at the invitation of our partners from latakoo.


The discussion was moderated by Erin Cargile, Emmy Award-winning journalist and Latakoo’s current Director of Content and Training.


“We discussed in detail the advanced cloud technologies that support the workflows of the modern journalist throughout the entire life cycle of a shoot, from the field to the production control room. We have focused on innovation and automation, aspects that offer considerable speed advantages in processing video materials compared to the classic workflow.” says Adrian Vintilă.



NAB is therefore not only a meeting point for industry professionals, but also a place where attendees can take a look into the future. “We came into contact with cutting-edge technologies such as platforms for television production in the cloud. It is a technology in its infancy but advancing at a rapid pace. We tested artificial intelligence solutions for voice-to-text conversion and for automatic translations into Romanian of some international language productions. We also studied VR and AR systems, because we are thinking about their possible implementation at Euronews Romania.” says the IT Manager of our station.


As for new experiences, this year the halls of the Las Vegas Exhibition Center were connected by “Loop” tunnels dug by Elon Musk’s Boring Company. Transportation was done with Tesla cars.



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