The NEW Pilot interface is the default view for ALL users. The option to click back to Pilot Classic will be available for a limited time. Find out more here.
The NEW Pilot interface is the default view for ALL users. The option to click back to Pilot Classic will be available for a limited time. Find out more here.

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Download New Flight App

Want the fastest and most reliable experience with uploads and downloads? Here’s how to upgrade to the newest version of our latakoo Flight App (6.5.17).

Grid vs. List View

Are you more of a Grid or List View person? If you have no idea what we’re talking about, this video is for you. We break down the two options for how your files appear in Pilot.

Searching for Files by User

Someone on your team has uploaded a file to latakoo, and you need to find it fast. This tutorial shows you three different ways to do it, depending on how specific you want your search to be.

Sharing Files in Pilot

Emailing a file or sending someone a direct link is simple to do. Plus, you have total control over what they can do with it: download, reshare or just view it. In this 1-minute video, Erin Cargile explains how to share files with anyone.

Perform Bulk Actions

Need to handle multiple files at once? Erin Cargile shows you how to perform bulk actions in Pilot NextGen. Learn how to download, move, copy or delete multiple files at the same time.

Customize Your Networks

Too many networks to scroll through? Erin Cargile explains the time-saving options for organizing files in the new Pilot, plus how to create a custom list of your go-to networks.

Update your Flight App

Using an outdated Flight App is a recipe for running into problems. Our Director of Content & Training Erin Cargile shows you how to quickly check the version you’re using and download the latest one.

Add Your Profile Picture

Put a face to your account. Add your profile picture to your account so others can find you and identify you much easier.

Change Your Password

Updating your password frequently is always a good practice. Ryan Emmons walks you through a few easy steps to update your password in your latakoo account.

Discover Stories via Manifest

Avoid getting multiple calls and texts a day from colleagues asking for updates on your assignment. Now they can discover, follow, request and receive alerts as stories develop via Manifest.

Deactivate Users

Keep your latakoo account clutter free! Ryan Emmons shows you a quick and easy way to deactivate old user accounts and keep your account organized and up to date.

Create New Users

latakoo values every new member of it’s growing flock. We want to ensure your new members get quick access and a warm welcome. Ryan Emmons walks you through a few easy steps to help new users take flight.

Troubleshoot Your HUB

latakoo engineers are among the best in the world, giving you cutting-edge technology but also here to help you if technical trouble strikes. Our CTO Joe Pelayo offers some quick words of wisdom on how to troubleshoot, maintain and optimize your HUB server.

Upload Files from a P2 Card

A valuable tip from legendary reporter Randall Pinkston on mentoring from a recent webinar, How the Story Got Made. What if the person you’re looking to for leadership, isn’t delivering?

The Value of Mentorship

latakoo Co-founder and CEO, Paul Adrian shows us how easy it is to upload files from a P2 card to the latakoo cloud.

Mobile App Default Settings

The first thing to do when you install the latakoo Flight Mobile app, is to set your upload defaults. Follow along and you’ll save tons of time on your next upload.

Upload Quality Settings

Check out how fast and easy it is to set your default settings in the latakoo Flight app for desktop.

latakoo Flight Default Settings

One of the most important things when sending video with latakoo is the upload quality – or compression settings. In today’s Tip of the Week, we take through the quality slider and how to decide when to adjust these settings.

Reporting During Civil Unrest

WDAF News Director Sean McNamara offers some rules that helped his staff stay safe this summer – many who’d never covered mass protests.

Set Upload Notifications

Learn how to receive notifications when your files complete uploading and when files get uploaded to specific networks.

Save Mobile Battery

Jade Kurian shows how to save mobile battery by setting the latakoo app to use fewer resources from your mobile device.

Focus on the Story

Broadcast specialist Luke Hanrahan uses latakoo to save time, minimize his exposure to Covid and focus on telling the story.

Logging in to latakoo

Our first tip of the week starts at the beginning, with logging in to Depending on your organization, you may log in with a unique latakoo username and password, typically your email address. Your organization may be using Single Sign On (SSO), which uses corporate credentials.

Send Video from Anywhere

Award-winning journalist Luke Hanrahan shows us how you can send to latakoo even 12 miles offshore. Continuous uploads save him time when he’s on deadline.