latakoo’s Tip of the Week series gives you real solutions to the most common questions about the latakoo system and latakoo technology, plus other insights from the latakoo team. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for weekly tips.

Logging in to latakoo

Our first tip of the week starts at the beginning, with logging in to latakoo.com. Depending on your organization, you may log in with a unique latakoo username and password, typically your email address. Your organization may be using Single Sign On (SSO), which uses corporate credentials.

Send Video from Anywhere

Award-winning journalist Luke Hanrahan shows us how you can send to latakoo even 12 miles offshore. Continuous uploads save him time when he’s on deadline.

Focus on the Story

Broadcast specialist Luke Hanrahan uses latakoo to save time, minimize his exposure to Covid and focus on telling the story.

Save Mobile Battery

Jade Kurian shows how to save mobile battery by setting the latakoo app to use fewer resources from your mobile device.