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The Flight Academy

Class #3: Mobile Content Creation

April 22 at 1:00 PM ET 

Join us to learn how to use the smartphone you already own to easily record and edit professional videos. In this Flight Academy event, we’re sharing all you need to know to create video content with confidence right from your mobile device.

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11-time Regional Emmy Recipient and 3-time Ohio APME Best Photographer Tony Mirones

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Rubber Bullets & Flak Jackets: Reporting Amid Unrest

Learn what current news outlets are doing to safeguard their reporting staff while on location.

Look Great. Make Slot. Send the highest quality file on deadline.

Broadcasters and content producers have limited time, but need maximum quality. How do you balance the need for quality video when the clock is ticking? Our panel of broadcast experts covers protocols for quality transfers.

How Journalists Can Stay Safe During Covid-19

What’s next for news crews and COVID-19 coverage as journalists are falling victim? This discussion features journalists who are recovering from COVID-19 and experts who are tracking the disease and its long term effects on health.

Class #2: Cloud Editing: Shooting for Efficiency

Join award-winning photographer and editor Dan Robbins and learn how to prepare and shoot video to make the best use of the cloud editor.

Class #1: Cloud Editing: How to edit on the latakoo cloud editor

Join broadcast specialist Luke Hanrahan and learn how to use our end-to-end solution to edit your story from assets right in latakoo.

Hurricane Katrina

Get a chance to learn how great stories are put together. In this inaugural episode, we hear about the historic, first, wall-to-wall HD coverage of Hurricane Katrina and the challenges faced by journalists Will Wright, Dave Barker and latakoo co-founder Jade Kurian.